Physical Property

Rockingham United Church is located at 12 Flamingo Drive in the City of Halifax. The building consists of an "A-frame" style church and one story attached wing at grade, containing offices, nursery, a kitchen and building equipment. The Church has laminated vertical wood beams, floor to ceiling with the end walls angled out to a center point. The sanctuary was built in the mid 1960's, but due to some premature wear, the end walls of the A frame structure were replaced in the mid 1980's. The wall at the front of the sanctuary has a triangular shape multi-colored leaded stain glass window around the existing cross, making use of the symbolic shape and color and described by the artist as follows:

"The Cross appears to rise from the red flames of Pentecost. The yellow area behind the cross symbolizes the Glory of the Cross and Christ's sacrifice. The blues glow darker toward the top of the window. The yellow passes through the dark area as a symbol of Jesus, the light of the world, calling the Church to be "agents of hope amidst despair"

Casavant Pipe Organ

A Casavant Pipe Organ was donated by Dr. William Lewis of Cow Bay. The organ was obtained by Dr. Lewis from Central Baptist Church on Robie Street when it closed in 1985. The organ was built in 1945. After having the organ in his home for some years, he decided it should be used to its full potential. Rockingham was very fortunate to be in a position to accept the donation as there was substantial installations costs. The Installation was completed in March of 1994 and was dedicated on April 10, 1994.

Candle Holder with lit candle

A couple of years ago a Candle holder was crafted by Alan Schnare in memory of his mom, Barbara. The wood for this piece came from parts of pews that had been removed from the sanctuary in order to make room for wheelchairs. Jesus said: "I am the light of the world" (John 8:12). The presence of the light reminds us of Jesus' coming into our world and into our lives. The candle is lit at the beginning of our worship service as a symbol of Jesus' coming into the presence of the worshiping community. When you bring the light (fire) into the place where people are gathering to worship, and when you light the candle, you are reminding the people that God is with us at home, at school, and at work, as well as in the worship service….The Lighted candle also remind us that Jesus Christ is the Light of the world.


Downstairs we have a gymnasium hall for use throughout the day.