About Us

Rockingham United Church is a congregation of The United Church of Canada. We are part of a Church seeking to walk the way of Inclusion, Reconciliation, Hospitality and Justice.

Situated on a hilltop overlooking the Bedford Basin, Rockingham United Church has literally been a beacon for ships seeking port. As followers of Jesus, we strive to shine the light of His way of hospitality and compassion, respect and justice in our community and city.

With our worship and our care, we seek to provide a place of sanctuary amid life's storms. As we sing and as we pray together, we open up a conversation between the stories of scripture and the stories of the world, that we may chart a life-giving and life-affirming course for a new week.

In a world where people often feel isolated and alone, the goal of our program life is to provide people a sense of belonging as Jesus did. Our Sunday school and youth programs, our seniors activities, our Friday morning playgroup, our refugee sponsorship, our support of outreach agencies in our city, our small group adult ministries, our music program for adults and youth….each reflects our commitment to creating healthy community for everyone.


Our mission as a community of faith is to worship God, sharing the teachings of Christ, accepting all with love as children of God, reaching out to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others, working for social justice, and caring for God's creation.


Following the way of Christ, trusting in His wisdom, and hoping to live in His grace, we courageously seek to live His teachings in our daily lives. We embrace the challenge of understanding God's will, maturing in our faith, and leading by example. Respecting the commitment of other faiths to their beliefs and traditions, and valuing the opportunity to know and understand each other, we work together to strengthen our community.

Nurturing our relationships by listening with open hearts, discussing our differences with care and respect, we will support each other in God's work. Sharing as a community in the growth and development of our children, we provide them with a moral compass, engaging with them in worship. Acknowledging the richness of the gifts we have been given, receiving them with gratitude, we share them with love.

Understanding that we are entrusted with the safekeeping of this world we inhabit, we tend it with care.

Most importantly, we love our neighbours as ourselves, and welcome all without reserve.


When we have fulfilled this mission, acting in accordance with these values, this is our vision for the future:

Our church touches people's lives in ways that heal and strengthen, bringing an understanding of God's role in their lives, and inspiring them to pass these gifts along to others.

We welcome you to Rockingham United today!